Purpose of Society

The Society was formed to provide a forum for scientific, clinical, cultural, charitable and social interaction among American physicians and healthcare providers of South Asian origin involved in the management of vascular disease.

Brief History

The South Asian community of Vascular Surgeons has been a significant part of the U.S Vascular Surgery specialty. Several surgeons with a shared heritage from South Asia started talking about forming a group in 2008. The conversation was broadened to solicit interest amongst South Asian surgeons from various backgrounds and age groups. An informal meeting was arranged at the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Annual meeting in 2009 where great interest was expressed in starting the society. Past and present officers of the SVS also conveyed support attended the meeting. After drafting bylaws and registering the South Asian American Vascular Society (SAAVS) as a 501 C (3) organization the Society was officially in business.

The first annual meeting of the SAAVS was held on 6-10-2010 in Boston where a slate of officers was elected, a program consisting of talks of a scientific and human interest were presented. The founding President (Krishna Jain, MD) and first President-elect (Bhagwan Satiani, MD) guided plans to refine the bylaws and develop a timeline for the executive committee to carry out the hard work necessary for a successful society.


There will be no discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, color, creed, or disability.

Download SAAVS Bylaws