The Mission of South Asian American Vascular Surgery Society (SAAVS) is to serve as an international organization for Vascular Surgeons of South Asian heritage.

The Society is dedicated to the presentation, education, research and improvement of vascular surgery patient care in South Asian Subcontinent by fellowship, training, exchange and collaboration with regional as well as national vascular societies around the world.

SAAVS strives to promote and provide professional development, mentorship, research opportunities for medical students, trainees and fellowship, networking opportunities for all its members.



Dear Members and Colleagues:

It is a privilege to serve you as the President of the South Asian American Vascular Surgery Society for 2017-18.  I am proud to represent the legacy and heritage of SAAVS which is involved with the mission to promote Vascular Surgery clinical care, research, education in South Asian Subcontinent. Organization also serves as a bridge for interaction amongst vascular surgeons from across the globe with their roots from South Asia.

The SAAVS is an organization for you, whether you are a medical student, resident, an attending or a faculty to help you find opportunities for mentorship, presenting your work or collaborating and volunteering in vascular surgery. The SAAVS is committed to the growth and recognition of vascular surgery as a sub specialty in South Asia. In this endeavor several of our members routinely provide guest lectures, conduct workshops to disseminate the knowledge of vascular surgery.  SAAVS provides a perfect opportunity to study unusual vascular pathologies unique to South Asian Subcontinent.  We are thankful to the unwavering support from several of our members as well as Industry sharing our vision and help SAAVS in its growth. I strongly urge you to consider becoming a member and investing in the growth and activities of vascular surgery community of South Asian origin.  SAAVS compliments the efforts of Society for Vascular Surgery in in its international mission as well as those of Vascular Society of India.

Our annual meeting includes guest lectures from Senior SVS members, representatives from Vascular Society of India.  Our First recipient of SAAVS- Medtronic visiting fellow will travel to India in 2018 to augment the ongoing educational exchange. We hope to institute similar exchange program for young surgeons from South Asia to visit United States to learn building vascular units and promote system based practices.

The Society is ambitious to host a simulation and educational workshops for General Surgeons, Vascular surgery trainees to help the efforts of Vascular Society of India in training, attracting the best to the field of vascular surgery. We hope to have similar workshops in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal and in Sri Lanka. We seek an active participation of our membership to take advantage of these volunteering opportunities.

Plans are already underway for the annual SAAVS meeting during VAM 2018. Please mark your calendar if you are attending VAM 2018 and stay tuned for announcements. I welcome your valuable suggestions for the growth of the organization.

My sincere thanks to all members as well as those serving on several committees for your continued engagement with the organization.

Raghu L Motaganahalli , MD, FRCS, FACS
2016-2017 President, South Asian American Vascular Society
Associate Professor  of Surgery, Division Chief and Program Director- Vascular Surgery



  • Be able to support Vascular Surgery in our countries of origin
  • Share business knowledge and experience with members related to vendors, office practices and opening centers for access/veins etc.
  • Mentor younger surgeons and medical students
  • Assistance with new techniques and endovascular training
  • Guidance for job placement, contracts and privileging issues
  • Network of friends and colleagues all over the world
  • Greater role in national societies
  • Take advantage of the network for assistance in locating/obtaining training positions for family members

The Founding Members of the SAAVS are:

  • Suresh Alankar MD
  • Sateesh Babu MD
  • Mohan Das MD
  • Kapil Gopal MD
  • Sachinder Hans MD
  • Shahid Haque MD
  • Ani Hingorani MD
  • Krishna Jain MD
  • Zafar Jamil MD
  • Karthikeshwar Kasirajan MD
  • Brajesh Lal MD
  • Rajesh Malik MD
  • Chittur Mohan MD
  • Ragu Motaganahalli MD
  • Manikyam Mutyalal MD
  • Deepak Nair MD
  • Lakshikumar Pillai MD
  • Hiranya Rajasinghe MD
  • Bhagwan Satiani MD