Membership Categories

There are four (4) categories of membership: Candidate, Active, International and Affiliate. A membership form is available to download on the site.

The membership application must be mailed to our office address. The application will be reviewed and recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Directors by a majority vote. Approved names for Active Membership will be elected by the current membership with a vote during the annual meeting or electronically.

Affiliate Membership may be granted to non-physician providers who are interested in vascular disease management, research, and surgery such as: medical students, nurses, podiatrists, physician assistants and vascular technologists in the United States or Canada.


Download Invoice Form


For current members to pay their renewal dues:

Annual Dues
Active Membership $100.00

Founding Member $250.00

Affiliate $50.00

International $50.00

For prospective members, please wait until your application is approved BEFORE paying any dues.